Work and Resiliency, against Pain and Despair

It’s been a really difficult week for the nation, but it was so relieving to finally have justice served. It’s been a long time. Like everyone, I’ve been watching the trial off and on, and tried to avoid watching the graphic details. Seeing a short film in the NYTimes allowed me to see just how shocked and horrific the event was, past all that words could say. The speechlessness and shock of those moments, are so clear, yet will never take away the truly heatbreaking loss of life that George Floyd suffered, and the pain and outraged that gripped us all.

I’m grateful, almost miraculously, to have been completely consumed with growing Amaryllis while all this has been going on. I’ve felt a good deal of torment, but I’ve been able to survive my own building despair by just getting to my tasks at hand, grateful for the fact that we have a justice system that really made this happen, so peacefully, and so pointed and profoundly. I’ve set up Amaryllis in the last two weeks to be a fully functioning project, from assembling the board to obtaining insurance and bank accounts that are such a vital part of our project, filing all the paperwork in the government, and securing a line of credit that will serve as vital to our beginning of this stage.

Not everything is running smoothly yet, we actually have yet to have our first board meeting, but I’ve secured the ability for a voting union with the volunteers on Amaryllis, that can add their voices to any proposals we may pass. This is a completley new experience for all of us, and we’re growing with it as the time goes by. It’s happening fast, but we have a new artist, and a new album, our first Indian Classical release, and even though I’m doing all the work right now as an executive director, our volunteers and I have made this introduction into our passions, what gets us up in the morning, and what’s at the heart of our practice, making things, making music that connects us rather than divides. It’s below. I hope this gives some hope to anyone starting a business for the first time.

As Falumi says in his statement, it doesn’t really matter where or how large the work is going, but reaching toward understanding art, in all of it’s complexity, is what we’re about, and I hope we all are able to have the constructive environment that the three of us shared. Here’s the folks who work on Amaryllis day in and day out, poets, dreamers, engineers and musicians, trying our best to make a better world, even in times of great tragedy. Enjoy. We welcome you.

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