Every Day

What stars we chart in the way of mapping the universe are united in their sense for the eternal stories we will carry in our hearts and minds. Our friends, the lives we’ve lived, reflected in the night sky. An unbroken stream of illumination, in light and space.

She loved all strangers, within her body and mind. To her, nothing was strange, but a limitless field of wonder and imagination. When her heart broke, it burst into a thousand distant stars, expanding out, in time with the universe. In blood, in breath, in body, speech, and mind.

The dream as reality, passing from Ocean to land, watching tides, as they ebb and flow. Yet here, in the forest of concrete, they are a still surface, moving slowly as the ripples expand. A small ocean of the mind, as a dream enters the day, bright above the blue waters, a sun.

My tears, like a soft rain, fall across my body, reflected in the clear form of their falling. They dissolve me until I can see no more, but my senses become alive. Tragedy, what solitude can you offer, what wisdom do you seek? Is it for the moments when you forget, for a time?

The empty space between us has become an infinity of colour, immersed in light, a field of compassion, where a forest grows, in mist, radiant and unknown. Together we make the space between us, in the golden light of the morning sun.

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