The Dharma and Amaryllis Recordings

The beauty of modern dharma, as I understand it, is that it opens the way into so many paths of consciousness. For some it can look traditional: Monk, priest, zendo temple, which are the foundations of Buddhism as I understand it, and take part in. But there’s also day to day work, and you see it everywhere, whether people are Buddhists, even know the name of it, or any academic understanding of it at all. Everyone, in any level of their work, can show it. Through kindness, compassion, dedication to a craft, really anything. For the Amaryllis project, which is where my work is currently focused, it’s about three things: Writing, Music, and Art, driven by simple questions we as a group come together to explore. I see so much dharma in our writers untrained actions, as we even sometimes fail at our work, and sometimes have great success with it. We don’t even know if anyone’s watching it at all. Sometimes we just don’t care. It’s more about the question, the inquiry, and our stumbles along the way are sometimes our greatest strengths, our greatest teachers. I see this in so many things. It’s not even religious. It just seems like compassion is just an essential part of our lives. It’s in our blood, always, as a species. We just keep asking questions, and always rise to the occasion of helping each other out. I hope people notice sometime, and we’ll keep at it. It’s our dharma path, whether we know it or not, and maybe when we don’t know it at all, that’s the moment it shines.

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