Look, We’re in a Crisis

We’re in one of the most devastasting crisis in modern times, yet there is so much infighting. I’m trying to do my absolute best to mitigate these challenges in my own way. I’m assembiling multi ethnic teams of writers and artists, trying to give as much hope as I possibly can in this, find new perspectives of what the human mind is capable of, and still I see the political infighting and division that is so unnecessary. I don’t often write posts like this, but this is from my very heart. All action we take right now is vital and important, and for me that comes from hope. I’ve given up so much for this. Long held dreams, new friendships, all in the name of what? I implore everyone to reach into themselves and find out who they really are, so we can make a better tomorrow, and save this moment, and each other, for a better time.

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