Monday Afternoon

One day I was walking through Chinatown from a job at an advertising agency. It was in one of the slumps of a work week, when I didn’t have much to do. Above me, while I was looking at the ground, just walking, I saw a poster for Lana Del Ray. I think it was her first album. I’ve checked in on her work ever since then occasionally, just kindof a casual fan. But finding this today was someting else. This may be the best track I’ve heard from her before. I’m just listening to it over and over today, it really captures my emotional state right now. Thank god for music. Everything about this track is a whisper, everything seems so quiet. It’s almost impressionist. I may listen to this all night, on repeat. One of my readers asked for another playlist they could listen to for this month, and I don’t think I’ll have time to make one, but here’s the song. It may well be the best thing I’ve heard this month, and I hope it gives you as much of a space to breathe as it did for me. Good way to start an evening, and the rest of the week ahead.

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