Thoughts on Sunday Afternoon

It’s been quite a weekend, diving into the days news, long hours of research, and deep contemplation. It hasn’t been easy, but as I’m closing up for the day, for some reason I started thinking about the Lotus Flower, a common image in Budddhism, which I am certain most people know. When the Flower Sermon was given, as recounted in this post, all that happened was the lifting up of a lotus flower, and while I have yet to grasp the full meaning of this moment, I’m closing up for the night with this beautiful image I found online. I’ll be thinking of this all week. I was moved to action this week, to protect those I love, but at the end of this long Sunday, I’m already becoming more grounded, centered, and ready for the openness of a dream. Wishing everyone who reads this blog the same, in love and peace. As a lotus is born in the mud, not a single pristine moment, so too might our thoughts reach out from a hard days work into the peacefulness of the evening. Have a good week everyone. 🙂

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