Forgiveness, and Open Doors

There is so much to be outraged about today. I’ve watched a bit of the hearings on anti asian violence in the New York Times, and lost almost a full day of working, just taking it all in. I feel like I’ll sit out of this for a few days and just let the community speak. But something else happened this morning. I began reaching out to anyone I might have offended, and even faced some of my own moments of casual, unthinking and wrong statements about race in my childhood. I was forgiven, and I hope the dialog started what could possibly be a true friendship.

We all make mistakes, and racism is so dangerous, and I hope that anyone who finds even a hint of these impulses to really take a moment to search their feelings, find where their hate comes from, and find a way through inquiry and understanding of their being, to realize our own interconnectedness, and realize the limitlessness between self and other, that when opened, reveals a vast an impenetrable field of kindness and compassion. And in that there is the truth that we all seek. I’ve reached out to a few others I haven’t heard back from yet, and I hope I’ve opened the door a bit to them. My heart remains open, and that door will never close. When we open the doors of our hearts, even if no one enters, we still can see out of our limited space into the bright light of the day.

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