Waking Up Music

I’ve been really getting back into Jazz lately. It’s so powerful. The deep struggle and deep joy of this music is indescribable. This morning as I’m really getting over a good deal of fear for the first time, I’ve been listening to Coltrane and Wes Montgomery. I have been adding music to this playlist for a few years now, and it’s been a good morning. Moving from the deep spiritual contemplation of Coltrane to the ebullience of Wes. I hope this playlist will share that same feeling. It’s 16 hours of some of the best music I’ve ever heard. My connection to the bay area, and Northern California, began with the Beats, and there’s some bop in here as well. Some Dizzy Gillespie and even some Ellington. Kerouac’s love of Jazz created my love of Jazz, and I think on a deeper level there’s more to discover here. I found this resource this morning in a research library, and it looks pretty good. One of my proudest moments was participating with the Beats in some way when my first zine was accepted by City Lights. Hope this is some inspiration in the days ahead. It’s a great morning here, and welcoming the day with a renewed sense of optimism. Like this music I’ve put together, this year hasn’t been easy, but I’m finding hope in this music, and grateful I can share here.

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