Helping to stop Asian Hate

So much of my interests in philosophy have always been, and are still to this day, as you can see from this site, very influenced by Asian culture. It was shocking and heartbreaking to be reminded of how much of a problem this has become, which is detailed in this site by Google, who also has new art today. This site has a number of resources to help understand, and find ways to help. I’m doing my part, but it’s going to take all of us. Racism, and othering, at all, is something that keeps our world in danger at all times. We have to work to stop this. Without the influence of Asian ideas and culture, our world would be impoverished, and violence and loss of life in Asian communities needs to be addressed. I hope this short blog post gives some resources to help stop it, and I’ll continue to do my part to bring Asian culture to this site as the years go by. I’m with you. To close out this post, I’m sharing two more thangkas, and you can find out more about these forms of art, and all Asian culture at the Asian Art Museum, and there are more resources at the Asia Foundation.

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