Buddhist Protector Deities

I’ve been thinking this morning about protectors, the heroes we value in our media, wether it be Star Wars, Marvel, DC, or so many other popular and independent publishers. Many of them can seem fierce and unsettling. Yet they are all united in being protectors, non aggressive, but confronting fear in all of it’s forms. In Buddhism, these kinds of manifestations can appear in thankgas and stories reminding us of our own strength within, that can call forth speed, agility, and strength in the moments that we need them the most. There is an incredible resource here that gives some insight into the history and symbolism of these forms of art. Life isn’t always easy, but sometimes we have to call forth their essence so that we can protect our own inner harmony, and allow us to do the peace work that we need to help others around us. As I mentioned in a previous post, these kinds of depictions were at first misunderstood, yet now, in our modern age, they can speak to us. Hoping for the resiliance and passion of all of our compassionate protectors, and taking the rest of the day for peace, equanimity and hope. Thank you, protectors.

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