International Women’s Day

There are so many things I could share about today, so many incredible women, who make up my life, and I wish I could thank them all personally. The rich legacy of women artists, who are my favorite composers and musicians, as you can tell from this blog, deserve to be heard. This is a track by Dorothy Ashby, one of the harpists who really convinced me to learn the harp, which I haven’t done in so long. And here is a book I’m adding to my reading list, from Jenny Odell, who I saw speak once at a poetry reading in Oakland, and a fellow SAIC alum, and lastly, without writing a 15 volume history of amazing and inspiring women, I want to give some light to Kristin Neff, who’s work helped me over the years in incredible pain. This is her work on fierce compassion, and the role it plays in defending and protecting women, children, all people and the dharma. Happy International Women’s Day.

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