Goodbye, and New Moments

I’ve had a lot of time to think tonight. I’m waiting on hearing back about a dedicated period of Zen study, and I’m excited with anticipation about it. As a moment in time, this song resonates with me. When Harriet sings, “Why do you have to assume we’re exactly the same? No, no, you’re talking about yourself,” it really gave me a moment of pause. This to me is a breakup song, but not with another. Its with the writer themselves, and for me, this is the perfect song to mark a transition. For this next period of my life, I’m breaking up with me. I want to find someone who is only interested in peace and wellbeing, for all beings, and I can’t wait to meet them. Maybe in the next few weeks we’ll find the time to get to know one another. And then I can meet everyone, again when we all need it most.

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