Changing of the Seasons

I really found this article by Charles M. Blow in the editorial section of the NYT this evening, after spending a Sunday off. I don’t often talk about politics, but this isn’t about politics, this is about the injust killing of Black Americans, which is continuing to this day, one of so many others in a long history of racial injustice that must stop. I try to bring peace into my world, and I hope my work can do that, but to change anything, I hope our country, and the world, can begin to take a full view of the violence and racism taking place all over the world, and so close to home in America. I’ll let the journalists tell their stories. They’ve done all the research, endured long hours assembling the facts and presenting them to us. We have to listen, and then act. There is no reason that we can’t stop this violence, and I hope this article, and all of the information it provides, can help begin that exchange.

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