Despair, Hopelessness, and Joy

I’ve been thinking this morning about the unsettling nature of our times. So much of it calls for action. I know that many of us work tirelessly to create peace in the world, in whatever way we can. Authors, musicians, artists, and everyone that makes up our culture. I’m greatly inspired by the tireless work of our journalists who work so hard to educate us, and keep us on track for a better future. In my own small way, I really hope this blog can contribute to that incredible struggle, and I wish I could read it all, all the time. Even in the most trying moments, the spirit of their work brings me not only knowledge but deep joy. Not for the content alone, but the true beauty of sharing knowledge to everyone. It’s incredible. I’ll be entering a Zen program in the next few weeks, and I hope I’ll still have time to check in, and write, in addtion to a needed break from the everyday. I’ll be working and living at the temple, a true dream I’ve had for years. I hope to share those experiences with you as I start this journey. I’ll write more soon, but for the next week or so I’ll be taking a break from writing as much as I had been. These posts are always here for you, as am I. 🙂

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