Right Speech

There are so many inartful ways we can go about our daily lives in the things we say. It’s something I learned at the beginning of my Buddhist studies, but it was something I had to work at. By taking up compassion fully, which is expressed formally in the path of the tradition, the moment of speech is truly complex and beautiful. By speaking mindfully, we open the doors to our own compassion, and can truly relate to one another. I found this essay this morning that really gets into the heart of the matter, and it’s worth a read. I personally disaggree, respectfully, that anyone should be expelled from a Sangha, as the article suggests, but otherwise this article is a really good introduction. I’ll be writing most of this time for the next month, and I hope I can remember and honor this aspect of the tradition. It’s one of the most beautiful things about the path, and it was amazing to find this essay today. I hope to update with some news soon, and in the meantime, this is here for you. 🙂

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