Morning Coltrane and Coffee

It’s been quite a few months, but my foot is feeling better enough to at least go back into the office and not be stuck on the couch all day. It’s a welcome experience. I really feel for anyone who is disabled and has impaired movement. For me, it was temporary, but for so many it’s not. I have my own chronic conditions, but I’ve adapted to it. I think I really found my strength and resilience in the last two months, going from complete fear to being well enough to continue my creative work. I’ll be working on the Gaia II story next week while I wait to hear back from publishers, so there might not be too many posts on the blog while I get into the research.

A couple of days ago, everything I’ve been going through just kind of hit me hard, and I cried for the first time in years. It took me a couple of days to get back to work, since I was so shaken, but it really was a good cry. I spent the rest of the day just in an after glow of the emotion I released. It’s hard to describe, but it was definitely a turning point. I’ve grown a lot through this. While I’m away, I really encourage any of my readers to listen to the John Coltrane Atlantic Years Mono Recordings. It’s by far my favorite Coltrane collection, and being with it all day was yet another turning point for me, in an incredible two months of personal growth. Wishing everyone well as the pandemic continues. I’m hopeful we’ll get through this soon and will be able to get back to the issues that are so important to us. Stay safe everyone, and I’ll be writing again soon to update on my progress.

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