Getting closer to normal life again.

It’s been an incredible two months, meditating and working on Light Fields, while I was healing an injury. It made me reach deep in my soul, to all the places it could go. In many ways I’ve recovered. The record of these months will always be in Light Fields, and in any of our moments of despair I hope it can bring some light. In all my work, I try to reach deep within myself to find the strength that I hopefully can let rest in what I write, to communicate and share: a warm fire to sit by and share stories, hopes, and dreams.

Today was like catching up, which I absolutely had to do. It’s time. I watched the complete hearing on the capital riots, and it was important to see. It’s available online. I really urge anyone who can spare the time to spend some time listening to some of the incredible testimony and account of what could only be described as a horrific day, for the soul of our nation, the foundation of our democracy. But we all survived. And seeing how all sides came together to address this issue, was profound, solemn, and deeply moving. It truly showed the power of the senate, our elected representatives, who all showed today what it looks like when they come together. It was hard to hear the testimony, but everyone was truly amazing in their dedication and focus. It’s important to see.

I spent the rest of the day setting up the office, getting my research together, and preparing for the work for the next few months, while I work on the new novel, of which Light Fields may be a central part. But I think it’s important to not just look inward, but also address the inequalites, environmental crisis, and economic challenges of our time, to dream even brighter dreams, to reach into the world we all share, the possibliies in the future, as widely as possible. In Light Fields, there is a photographer who falls in love with a cloud. Perhaps in Gaia II, she will reach into the entire universe. I’m sure I’ll have more to share this week, but this is my first day of my 44th year, and I’m ready for the work ahead.

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