Thoughts on the day

I took the day off for my birthday, in many ways the last day (demographically) of my youth. I’m officially in my mid 40s. I took the day to do some simple things. I read they NYT, I checked my email, went on facebook for a few minutes. Tomorrow I start on the novel, starting with research. It was a good day. Celebrated with some coffee and some treats with my partner, just taking the day slow. Google honored an incredible indiginous leader, Zitkala-Sa. Amazon raised it’s minimum wage to $15, an incredible move, President Biden and the administration marked the day in such a display of leadership I was completely silenced. A good friend donated to the Alameda Food Bank for me. Then it all started to dawn on me. As our president noted today, we’ve had more lives lost to us than in all the previous world wars. This is serious. We have to do something to act. Stay safe, help each other, just embrace everything with the generous hearts we all have inside of us. We can do so much, together. Stay safe, be careful, always hope. I’ll have more things to share in the coming weeks. I’m settling down for the evening, and wishing everyone well.

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