February Playlist

I’ve been making monthly playlists on Spotify to capture my mood and inspirational sources for each month. Here’s this months. It’s a range of folk, spiritual, and film music, ranging from Sandy Denny to John Williams, Kate Bush, and Vashti Bunyan. It journeys into the consciousness of my mind, and current events in my life.

I’ve been watching the Senate this week, and watching the calm and intense debate within the chamber has truly been inspiring to me. I hope that in the coming days the metaphor of the dance in Sandy Denny’s Old Fashioned Waltz could be seen as a way to contemplate the balance within which these calm discussions could transpire.

There are also moments here, like my focus on studying zen, that are represented in the contemplative meditations of the Japanese Flute, as it finds it’s way through the spirit and mind. And closing the set there are two pieces from the most recent Star Wars trilogy. The soundtrack for Rey’s journey to a remote island to learn from Luke Skywalker in the ways of the Force. I find my own inspiration for this story in my own life.

I connect with Rey’s story strongly, and it’s the best realization for hope, peace, strength and self discovery against so much violence. There are so many parallels in her story in my own. Perhaps that’s indivdual, or maybe something we all can feel in the story of these heros.

Joseph Campbell once described the hero’s journey as a universal concept that all of us follow. I don’t think it’s unusual to associate our lives with the heroic journey of so many of these heros in comic books, literature, in film, and in theater. All of these stories give light to who we are in both our moments of despair and hope. Rey has a very solitary life, though she finds her family, yet her adventure is wide open at the end of the film. We don’t know what’s next for Rey, and maybe we never will.

Each month I will put together a new playlist, in order to express my hopes and fears, current situations, and paths I am journeying on. Enjoy the playlist, and happy Valentine’s day from me, again. 🙂

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