Moon in a Dewdrop by Dogen

I’ve found in the last few months just how important the written word is. I read almost all day, and it’s become a transformative path, in everything I’m reading and hearing, from all places in the world. Tonight as I was settling in from listening to all of the impassioned voices and opinions in the impeachment proceedings, I turned to this book I’ve been reading as I’ve been studying the zen tradition, and passed through the following passage:

Once you see or hear the true teaching, you should practice it without fail. One phrase offered by a loyal servant can have the power to alter the course of a nation. One word given by a buddha ancestor cannot fail to turn people”s minds. The unwise ruler does not adopt the servants advice. One who does not step forward cannot accept the buddha’s teaching. If you are unbending, you cannot stop floating along in birth and death. If appropriate advice is not heeded, governing with virtue cannot be realized.”

In this light, as we head into the long weekend, I only ask, as your servant here on The Reluctant Blogger, be brave and impassioned, compassionate and kind, but do not fight. I hope with all my heart that we all heal this weekend. It’s valentines day soon, and much love from me to anyone who reads this, and even if if you do not. 🙂

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