The Art of Waiting

While I enter a period, so needed, of reaching out to publishers and agents about my new work, what to do with my time has been something that I have to confront. The silence between sending something out, and receiving, so far, nothing in return, can feel like a chasm, but music is helping me find my way. Even this blog doesn’t reach a wide audience, but I do feel like in some small way, I am being heard. I , still , am healing from a foot injury, which has made the waiting even greater. I refresh my email every fifteen minutes, but is that the best way for me to spend my time? I spend almost all my time reading and researching, and listening to music, music to inspire me, to heal me from grief, to get hope in this time, surrounded by composers, musicians, and writing. Is that not community on it’s own? I made this playlist for my February inspiration, and it’s the best way for me to share my day to day experiences as I wait. As much as this blog is about sharing my insights, this playlist can be just as helpful. And after this stressful day, so needed in this time.

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