The American Tragedy

I watched some of the impeachment presentations in the NYT today, and I have to say I’m truly shocked. The former president certainly must be held accountable for the silence and insurrection he caused. If you review these arguments, there is definitely proof of this fact. The incitment and silence, definitely should be formally condemned, so that there are no future cases of this kind of behavior from someone in such great power. I won’t go over the specifics, but I hope that we all think about any of the silences we have all shared. What more could we have done in the last four years to avoid this situation? I count my own silences among them. I am not political. I try to look at both sides at all times, but this is definitely something that needs to have a moment of time, and the trial so far is a good record of it. Impassioned and clear opinions and facts have been presented. And I believe impeachement is absolutely necessary at this time. It’s heartbreaking.

Yet I also hope for balance and peace in this time. Our country is so divided, I hope this is seen not as a condemnation of one side, or the winner of another. This is a way to state very clearly, by the incredible presenters today, their case to all of us. It was difficult to watch. Perhaps to reach the balance, even if it’s just symbolic in a way, it makes sense to have this moment to perceive exactly what happened. In a way, I long for a time before these events were brought to life, yet today it must be acknowledged.

The philosophy I live by is one of compassion, equanimity, and love. I hope we can all get a collective hug together in the coming year, and everyone can work together to address the economic disparites, climate crisis, the pandemic, racial justice, and leave this period behind, but for this one moment at least, the proceedings have given everyone a chance to see exactly what was done. I hope the best in the coming days for our country.

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