Music and Writing

I don’t normally listen to music while writing, but in the last few days I’ve really started to understand the ability for music to guide the writing process that has been truly life changing for me. I’ve been listening a lot to the soundtrack to Spider Verse, which is truly incredible. It allowed me to become vulnerable and reach parts of my experiences that wouldn’t have been able to be expressed without listening deeply to the track “Sunflower.” While I believe that music and art are private experiences, this track was so emotional, so beautiful, that it broke me from my classical focus, even just for one day.

Music and language are so intertwined. I have often thought that great painting starts with poetry, and I think it’s also possible that writing can come from music itself. The arts are so intertwined. It’s all communication, and this experience really allowed me to reach deep inside myself, allow myself to accept vulnerability, even within it’s message of hope. I know talking about process can be boring, but wanted to share this track this morning. It’s tough out there, and I hope the new work brings some light into your morning.

I’m curled up with some tea on the couch in the apartment, finally back to work after about a week off. It was so worth it. I’m ready to go back to Ondolor, and I’ll have more to share this week as I work toward the second novella. The first one was about light, I think this one may be about reflections. I’ll share more this week!

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