Looking back at a month of writing.

A month and a half ago, I was lost. I had so little hope, yet something within me just said very plainly, write. Just write. What I discovered was that the worlds created in my mind while I wrote might have been the only place I could truly go, meet new parts of my mind and body that I hadn’t reached before, and touch points I haven’t felt in years. Writing has absolutely saved me at the beginning of the year, and as I’m wrapping up this intensive period of writing and dreaming I wanted to make note of it in this notebook. 

For me, these stories are not invention. They are thought records of emotional experiences I have as I write. My process may seem simple. I open a blank document and just start writing. Sometimes I will sit for days, daydreaming until I am ready to write things down, but most of the time it’s a journey I make while I am writing on the page. Whatever happens to the characters in Light Fields, Cloud and Camera, and Illsinore’s poem literally passed through every part of my consciousness as I wrote them. I truly hope they resonate. It’s the best gift I can give to my community right now, and I hope it helps you get through to your own imagination and hope through these stories. 

I’m confinded to a couch with a foot injury right now, a lockdown within a lockdown, and times can be so difficult, but I find hope in the imagination, the ability to go to new spaces, meet new people, make new discoveries, engage in the world, a mirror of our own. Imagination is boundless. As a final note about process, a family member asked me what my philosophy for writing these stories is. I thought for a moment, and offered: Light is beautiful, and love conquers all. There is hope in the imagination, and the promise of a new world is always within our reach.

Happy MLK day, and I hope to write more in the future, but for now, taking a break and getting back into study. These stories are just a beginning, one I can’t wait to expand on in the coming years. I hope everyone is having a wonderful morning, and peace to all today. 

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