I absolutely had to write Light Fields, and I really like the new ending, I’d love to hear what you think about it. I think Light Fields may be the most important thing I’ve done in the last decade. It has so much of me in it. I feel like in a way I’m all of the characters. They’re so clear in my mind. I have vivid recollections of it. This story happened to me, I didn’t just write it. I experienced it as I was writing.

It was a truly magical and transcendental experience. It may be the start to something larger, but I may wait on that for a bit, but I absolutely have to write. It’s the most important thing I do, and what I’ve discovered here: my style, my flow, my process, my philosophies, all of it is a beginning. That’s why the characters at the end are looking at an abstract memory of birth. It’s the birth of the world I’m writing about. I hope the story has multiple layers. It’s not one thing or another, it’s intricate, and not by design, it just happened that way.

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